Frequently Asked Questions

ARE CANDLES ALLOWED? Yes and No. The bad news – no old school wax candles are allowed. Too much damage and pyro kids (and sometimes groomsmen!) have provided us with many reasons (and stories) to prohibit the use of actual fire in the building. The GOOD news- there are so many options for safe, realistic looking artificial candles these days …. and we allow any and all fake flames!

DO I HAVE TO PROVIDE MY OWN BACKGROUND MUSIC? No! But if you want to, you can- we are all about audio options! Heritage Gardens has a high quality sound system and a plethora of playlists for your event, whatever the mood. You are also welcome to bring your own DJ, band, pianist (baby grand piano provided by Heritage Gardens), musicians, etc.! You can also connect your own phone or iPod to our sound system and rock your own playlist!

CAN I PROVIDE MY OWN CATERING? Sorry, no. But seriously, you wouldn’t want to anyway. Heritage Gardens has a talented Executive Chef and staff who prepare everything in our kitchen.

WHAT IF I WANT FOOD SERVED AT MY EVENT THAT IS NOT LISTED ON HERITAGE GARDENS’ MENUS? No problem-O! One of the perks of our remarkably handy Executive Chef is how creative and adaptable he is! You can give us the name of a dish, or the theme you want for your food, even your Grandma’s recipe and we will whip it up!

CAN I INCORPORATE MY PINTEREST IDEAS? Sure, as long as they comply with our policies and don’t cause permanent damage to the building (holes in the doors, walls, etc.). We also urge you to be realistic in your time. Is it really worth driving yourself to the brink of insanity tying hundreds of teeny tiny bows the week before your wedding? Also keep in mind how much time you will have to set up on the day of your event. How much time do you have between when your contract states you have the building- usually 4 or 5 pm- and when your guests will arrive? There is only so much that mere humans can do in an hour 😉

WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE THE VENUE LOOK PERSONALIZED FOR MY EVENT? One of our favorite and most cost-effective ways to put your stamp on the building is with chair ties. Heritage Gardens works with Specialty Linens to arrange for the rental, drop off, pick up and styling of sashes in the color or colors you specify. For around $100, you can have the building decked out in chair ties, bows on the posts of the entrance and staircase, and/ or around the centerpieces. With different colors and materials to choose from and zero of your time and effort required, it is an easy way to punch up your color scheme! Flowers and ice sculptures also add so much to any event. You can highlight your personality as a couple through an ice sculpture (our vendor is so talented, your wish is our command) or add a luxurious feel through fresh flowers.

WHERE SHOULD I BOOK MY WEDDING RECEPTION? Heritage Gardens….we really are the best!

HOW MUCH DOES A WEDDING COST? That is like asking how much a house costs, the answer is as varied as taste and budget allow. At Heritage Gardens, we regularly host events that total $3000 and we regularly host events that total $15-20,000. The main factors in determining the price of your event are the catering choices and number of guests invited. Every event Heritage Gardens accommodates receives the same hospitality, award winning service and stunning venue!

HOW MANY GUESTS CAN YOU ACCOMMODATE? The answer varies depending on the type of event you want to host. For served luncheons and dinners, where everyone is seated and served at the same time, we can comfortably fit around 200. For open house or flowing receptions where guests are coming and going over a period of time, we can accommodate as many guests as you can come up with. Our advice to make flowing receptions run smoothly is to remember to give adequate time for the number of guests you expect. If you are sending out 300 invitations, 2 hours is usually enough time for your guests. If you are sending out 4 -500 invitations, you should plan on at least 3 hours for the reception so the arrival of your guests is spread out and the receiving line does not back up to an unreasonable length.

WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK HAS THE BEST ATTENDANCE RATE? Are you ready for a surprise? Tuesdays and Wednesdays actually have the highest attendance rates for events held in Utah. We were shocked too but our theory is these days have less family / church / vacation / sports / social obligations than the other days.

DO I HAVE TO ORDER MY CAKE OR FLOWERS OR INVITATIONS THROUGH HERITAGE GARDENS? No, so hooray if your aunt wants to do your wedding cake for free! Heritage Gardens has our own very talented florist, cake designer, photographer/videographer and a variety of invitations to choose from, but these services are optional. There are a few advantages to going through us for these services; you don’t have to put down multiple deposits and worry about separate bills to pay as everything will be on your Heritage Gardens invoice, and you don’t have to coordinate delivery times and returning of items as we have arrangements in place already. You just order, and everything shows up …. kind of like magic!

WHAT IS THE PARKING SITUATION? Heritage Gardens is a private venue and we host one event at a time, so parking is usually ample and always free. We have parking for approximately 100 cars.

CAN I HAVE ACCESS TO THE BUILDING EARLIER OR LATER THAN THE TIMES LISTED? You may rent the building at a rate of $100 per hour if you would like more time to set up, or want your party to start earlier or end later than usual.