May 20, 2020

Guidelines & Precautions

These past few months have been so strange. Normally, this time of year we would be in the thick of wedding season. We have had our first few weddings of the season and it has felt so good to be back! However, because of COVID-19, we have had to make some changes to how we do things here at Heritage Gardens. This blog post is to inform our current clients, as well as those in the future whose events might still be impacted. As we have more events and we adjust our practices, we will update this post so it has the latest information on what current preparations and precautions we are taking in response to the pandemic. 

Here are the steps we are taking for the safety of our clients and their guests:

More time spent cleaning the venue 

We always clean between events and continually between tours and appointments. During this time, our staff will also frequently wipe down railings, door handles, and any other frequently touched surfaces. 

Gloves and masks worn by kitchen staff during food preparation

Sanitation and food safety is always a priority in our kitchen. Anyone in the kitchen for the foreseeable future will be wearing a mask and anyone handing food will wear gloves.

All food served by staff in masks and gloves

Whether it’s for a buffet service, a passed serve, or a plated meal, currently all food will be handled and served by staff wearing masks and gloves.

Guests standing 6′ back from the buffet

Buffet food service is normally our bread and butter here at Heritage Gardens (pun intended). We are serving food from the buffet, however, we ask that guests stand 6’ back from the buffet. We will have signs and a subtle yet noticeable tape line on the floor to show guests where to stand.

Other staff precautions 

We are performing and tracking temperature checks for all staff members as they arrive for their shifts. Each staff member always frequently washes their hands, but in this time we are taking even more frequent breaks from regular duties to wash hands. At the beginning of each event we go over the entire event and all of the extra precautions we are taking.

Guideline reminder posters and hand sanitizer

Around the venue, we have posted guideline reminders and several hand sanitizer stations.

Social distancing

Anywhere in the building or around the grounds, we are implementing social distancing set ups. In the chapel, we can block off every other bench or stagger seating to allow social distancing during a chapel ceremony. For a Main Hall ceremony, we can either give extra space between rows and allow household groups to distance themselves, or we can arrange the chairs into clusters for each household group. Reception/meal service seating in the main hall allows for 6 feet of social distancing between each table.

Limited public tasting opportunities

Normally, we have public tasting events where we invite our vendors to come visit with our booked and potential clients while giving everyone a chance to enjoy a selection of food from our menu. We haven’t quite decided how to provide this opportunity while looking out for the safety of both our staff, vendors, and guests. We are hoping to have a tasting at the end of the Summer. In the meantime, we are offering private tastings at a discount with a menu selected by Chef Brandon. Call or text 801-944-4575 or email elyse@heritagegardens.com for more information.

Appointments recommended for tours and planning appointment

In this time, we are incredibly grateful to our clients who are still planning their events, as well as all new inquiries. We welcome walk-in tours, but now more than ever we recommend you call ahead. This is important so we can give you our full attention during your visit but now also so we can make sure the venue is as clean as it can be for each tour. 

For the latest updates on COVID-19 visit https://coronavirus.utah.gov/ or https://www.slco.org/covid-19/