July 2, 2020

Live Event Streaming with Charisma Event Productions

The way we celebrate has had to change a lot over the last few months. One of the biggest changes is the size of your guest list. There are gathering limits in place due to COVID-19 and we all need to practice social distancing. Some of your guests who are in the high risk categories may not be able to attend at all. One of our favorite vendors, Cooper Brown, has a solution.

Charisma Event Productions is now offering professional live streaming services to allow your friends and family across the state, country, or even world to celebrate with you. This unique services allow you to focus on your event while they take care of the equipment, technology, and logistics of producing an immersive live streaming experience for your viewers. You can invite as many people as you want to celebrate with you through a combination of in-person and virtual guests.

The live streaming services include the following:
  • Multiple HD wireless cameras to capture the ceremony/reception from different angles
  • Remote guests can text in photos/messages which instantly appear on a TV for two-way interaction
  • Roaming camera to give your guests front row seats for the ceremony, toast, first dance, etc.
  • Hardwire connection into our venue’s internet + 5G backup to create reliable streaming without dropouts
  • Wireless microphones to capture the ceremony and speeches so viewers perfectly hear every word
  • Secure and easy to use live-viewing link for your friends and family to watch on any device, and no limit to how many people can watch
  • Copy of the full live stream after your event to always remember the day and send to those who couldn’t watch live

Heritage Garden is excited to have Charisma Event Productions as our preferred live event streaming service. We had the opportunity to experience this service during our first wedding back since the pandemic started and it went so well. Cooper Brown is a delight to work with and we know he will impress you every step of the way.

Click here or use the contact information below to check availability and pricing.